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Vision Boarding a trail to success

“Vision Boarding – have you heard of it?” I hadn’t. When my friend Jill first asked if I’d like to join her and a few others for a Vision Board session, I imagined some new extreme sport – images Continue reading “Vision Boarding a trail to success”

Running marathons and ditching the rule book

If you want to run a marathon, you need a proper training plan. Or so I used to think. When I set my sights on my very first marathon – the 2010 Exmoor CTS, dubbed the toughest trail race of Continue reading “Running marathons and ditching the rule book”

2017: My Big 5 Race Goals

It’s been YEARS since I’ve planned a year of racing as exciting as 2017 looks set to be. Goal-setting has been a bit of a minefield for me over the past few months, but I’m hoping that these Continue reading “2017: My Big 5 Race Goals”

Goal setting: stuck between a rock and a hard place

Just before Christmas I smashed my Strava running goal for 2016, with nine days still to go. Hurrah! And do I feel triumphant? Not at all. Because the voice in my head says that 500 miles Continue reading “Goal setting: stuck between a rock and a hard place”

Tales from the “toughest” Tough 10

I knew from my running friends of Instagram that the Pentland Hills were beautiful, but I’d barely explored them for myself and I had never run in them. So when Cancer Research Continue reading “Tales from the “toughest” Tough 10″

Mamores VK 2016: running the UK’s first Vertical Kilometer

I struggle to see myself as the kind of serious runner who has an ‘A-Race’ in their calendar. But if I had one this year, it was the Salomon Mamores Vertical Kilometer at Glencoe, back in Continue reading “Mamores VK 2016: running the UK’s first Vertical Kilometer”

Imposter syndrome: my problem with race reports

Six weeks ago, I sat down to write a race report on the Salomon Mamores VK. It’s something I’d intended to do ever since I completed the race in September – but, try as I might, it just wasn’t Continue reading “Imposter syndrome: my problem with race reports”

Organising a Trail Running Festival … and Living Boldly

Now, I love a motivational soundbite as much as the next person. If you can dream it, you can do it, and all that. But if you really want to make something happen, there comes a time when you Continue reading “Organising a Trail Running Festival … and Living Boldly”

My love of running: fact or fiction?

‘Those moments when it feels like flying.’

That was Sophie Mullins, Scotland’s 100km champion, answering the question ‘What do you run for?’ in an interview for Glasgow TrailFest.

My heart soared as I read her words. Yet with every run since then, it has sunk little by little. Continue reading “My love of running: fact or fiction?”

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